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One wrongful allegation can significantly impact a person’s livelihood and personal life. Unfortunately, it’s rather easy to accuse people of fraud. Once those accusations are filed, proving one’s innocence in court can be a difficult and lengthy challenge.
In times like those, it is crucial to have a dependable and well-experienced attorney by your side.
A fraud charge is not immediately equivalent to a conviction. With the help of a great legal legal team, it’s possible to overturn allegations and win the case. In particular, a team led by a trusted and experienced criminal fraud defense lawyer in Cuero, TX, like Brian M. Cromeens can make a big difference. He will fight for your rights and fiercely defend your reputation in any court.
If you are being accused of fraud, we strongly suggest taking immediate and proper legal action. Call The Law Office of Brian M. Cromeens at  (361) 275-8502  to schedule a consultation.

Defending Clients Against Different Types of Fraud

Any accusation that alleges crimes committed through intentional misrepresentation, false statements, deceit or concealment, and other types of dishonest conduct fall under the broad term of fraud. As such, if you are facing allegations of criminal fraud, it is best to find a fraud defense lawyer who has experience fighting a wide range of fraud charges. Here in Texas, the courts recognize several types of fraud crimes. These include:
  1. Forgery or counterfeiting
  2. Identity theft
  3. Credit card fraud
  4. Check fraud
  5. Bank fraud
  6. Insurance fraud
  7. Medicare, Medicaid, or healthcare fraud
  8. Vehicle fraud
  9. Income tax fraud
Fraud cases are not always huge and complex cases. Widely known practices like the possession of a fake ID or antics such as prank calling or misusing the 911 emergency system may also count as fraud. At the Law Office of Brian M. Cromeens, we can readily handle any type of fraud case — from smaller and simpler ones to large, white collar crimes. Our team can and will aggressively fight for you to protect your name and your freedom.
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How Our Legal Team Can Help

The Brian M. Cromeens Law Firm team is the go-to team for many members of our community. We pride ourselves in serving as an accessible first point of contact for fraud and other kinds of legal issues.
Our team has led the charge in countless litigations, fiercely advocating for our clients and delivering powerful results in the process. We take great care in ensuring our clients understand each step we take throughout the legal process. We meticulously work on each case — examining the facts and conducting investigations to provide clear, convincing evidence and disprove charges in our clients’ favor.
Attorney Brian M. Cromeens has years of fraud defense experience and is prepared to handle any type or size of fraud cases. He has the knowledge, insight, and skill to guide clients through any court or legal proceedings and ensure optimal results.

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Are you facing legal allegations of fraud in South Texas? If so, our fraud defense lawyer in Cuero, TX, can help.
The experienced and highly skilled legal team at the Law Office of Brian M. Cromeens diligently works to defend each client and avoid indictment. Give us the opportunity to represent you and protect you and the life you’ve built.
Fight your legal battle with a law firm that understands your needs and will defend your rights. Call our downtown Cuero office at  (361) 275-8502  or fill out our intake form to schedule a consultation today.

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