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Agricultural law in the state of Texas is the body of laws and regulations governing the state’s farming, ranching, and agribusiness industries. This includes laws related  the production, processing, distribution, and sale of agricultural products. Additionally, agricultural laws oversee land use, water rights, and environmental regulations.

Agricultural law in Texas can involve various legal issues, including:

Agricultural Law in Texas

Agricultural law in Texas is a complex and ever-changing area of law that affects farmers, ranchers, land owners, and agribusinesses in many different ways. Whether it is negotiating a contract, protecting property rights, complying with regulations, or resolving a dispute, farmers and ranchers, need experienced legal representation to protect their interests.

Pursuing Legal Action

If it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth hiring a great lawyer. An attorney specializing in agricultural law can help farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses navigate legal issues and protect their rights and interests. Agricultural law in Texas is complex and can involve various legal situations, including:

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Case Study

Real Cases, Real Results: Our Success Stories

Drew is a small-scale rancher living in Texas. He owns and operates a few hundred acres of land in a rural area, raising cattle and sheep. For the past several years, his small farm has been successful, and he has been able to make a comfortable living from it. 

Recently, Drew has run into some legal issues involving his ranching operations. He recently received notice that a nearby neighbor is claiming ownership of the land he uses for grazing. The neighbor claims that the land was purchased through an estate sale in the mid-1900s and without Drew’s knowledge or consent; however, Drew’s family had owned this land for generations before that. 

Drew has also had problems with governmental regulations related to his agricultural activities. A county inspector recently visited the property and determined that there were violations of environmental regulations concerning water runoff from some regions of the ranch. Furthermore, he was cited for failing to obtain permits for certain activities related to animal husbandry and pasture maintenance on his property. 

Drew is now facing multiple issues involving agricultural law and needs help sorting out these legal matters. He must determine whether the neighbor’s claim to ownership of the land can be challenged in court and what steps need to be taken to bring his ranch into compliance with local laws. In addition, he must consider how best to protect himself against possible future lawsuits or other forms of liability resulting from any potential violations of agricultural law or environmental regulations on his property.

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